I've got a nasty cold which is why this post is a day late. I was going to write a comprehensive post about Heterobilharzia americana, aka canine schistosomiasis in America but instead I'm going to post this awesome story from The Atlantic about Toxoplasmosis gondii.

So while I was familiar with Toxo's links to schizophrenia and "feline fatal attraction," I was unaware of this strange effect:
"The neurobiologist Ajai Vyas, after working with Sapolsky on this study as a postdoctoral student, decided to inspect infected rats’ testicles for signs of cysts. Sure enough, he found them there—as well as in the animals’ semen. And when the rat copulates, Vyas discovered, the protozoan moves into the female’s womb, typically infecting 60 percent of her pups, before traveling on up to her own brain—creating still more vehicles for ferrying the parasite back into the belly of a cat. "

Happy reading!

Stavana Strutz is a doctoral candidate in the Parmesan Lab at the University of Texas studying disease ecology. 


03/05/2014 03:41

this is very interesting post. I love it and I learn a lot from this.


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